Junior Drama

As a part of their French Class and after learning about: Contes de Fais (Fairy Tales) the students of grade 3 along with the help of their French teacher Mrs. Marianne Tawk, chose the fairy tale: "La Belle au Boit Dormant" (Sleeping Beauty) and put together a script.

They worked really hard and practiced for 2 months to perform their play in Junior Chapel. They chose their costumes and gathered their props from home.

Now that's not it, guess what… they did it all in French!!!!
All the student actors were saying their lines in French and they did an amazing job. They were so comfortable with the language that they even started to improvise on stage.

It was definitely a 'Nouvelle Experience" for our students.
They were absolutely amazing…
Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!!

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