Marine and Wildlife

Maria (Grade 1)
We went in the bus with Mrs Allegra to see all kinds of fish and seashells. We even saw a shark and some snakes. We also saw some wolves.

Giovanni Ferraye (Grade 3)
We went to the Lebanese Wild Life Museum. You wouldn't believe the entrance of the museum, it was like we were walking into the mouth of a giant shark. Inside we saw a chicken with four legs and a cow with two heads. After that we went to see the gemstones. We also saw a gigantic shark and the biggest fish in the world. I really hope we get the chance to go there again.

Christa Mekdassi (Grade 4)
Our school organized a trip to the Lebanese Wild life Museum. We entered the museum through a big shark's mouth. Inside we saw many kinds of animals such as a red fox, goat with two heads, monkeys, hyena, snakes, dolphins and other sea animals like seals, sharks, crabs, star fish. We even saw different kinds of shells.

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