Yasmina Tawk (Grade 4)
As a part of our Bible class, we visited "Blessed". We saw people who many would consider challenged, but these people work so hard and are so creative. They sing and Worship God and they even travel and win trophies in other countries. I learnt a lot in that visit and we were Blessed!

Kale Maamary (Grade 4)
Once we went on a trip to a place called "BLESSED". Blessed is a school for autistic and other challenged children. When we arrived, we went to the chapel to sing and worship Jesus Christ. They taught us some of their favorite songs and we taught them some in return. We went to the place where they make crafts and mosaique. They also make baskets and stools out of straw.
I can only say one thing after that visit: "Thank you Lord for everything you have given me!"

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