Science Trip

Joanna Fadel (Grade 9)
The school took us to a science fair in Beirut. There, we learnt many new things like invisible ink and extracting DNA from cells. It was a nice experience since it made learning fun!

Maria Khoury (Grade 7)
On October 9, we went on a school trip to "Horch Beirut". It was a great day. We saw many scientific experiments. We got to learn about many different subjects like cells, drugs, molecules, mixtures and many other scientific issues. All the people there were really nice to us and welcomed us with a smile. I thank our teacher and the administration of our school for taking us to that place to participate in the annual science day with all other schools.

Lana Askari (Grade 8)
Here's something really cool that we tried at the Science Fair: A student volunteered to rub a toothpick on the inside of his mouth. Afterwards we got to see that student's cells through a laptop, which was connected to a microscope!
That is one of many very interesting and creative scientific experiments we got to see! A very fun and educational day!

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