West Side Story

When I first auditioned I never thought that I'd get the student coordinator part, that was a surprise for me. However the experience was one of the best, and I had lots of fun doing it. The cast was truly amazing, and they worked so hard to make this production a success story. There is a bond that was created that made this an unforgettable experience. The whole thing was just amazing
Leah haddad
Student Coordinator


Ever since I was a kindergartener at GBES, I would watch our school plays and wish to be cast as the main character when I'm older. The older I got, and the closer it seemed, the harder it was to, wait for my time to come. Only when West Side Story was announced in 2015, the year I set as the perfect time to be cast, I slumped and lost all excitement. Me, introverted and demure, taking the Role of Maria, an extreme lively romantic? It was impossible. But somehow, by some weird miracle, I got the role.

Elie El Semaan, my mentor and director, was there to tell me that this is what acting is all about; being someone who is the opposite of the real you. Now, I can't begin to express how big of a change West Side Story made in my character and in my life. It's probably by far the best experience I ever went through. I was molded and shaped into someone who is self confident and outgoing, all thanks to a stage, a director, and the students I have grown to call my brothers and sisters.

I loved every single second of every rehearsal and performance, and I seriously encourage everyone to participate. Don't miss out on that big of a success, it's BEYOND worth it!
PS with love from Puerto Rico

Shadai Nasrallah
Role: Maria


The west side story is the second and last school production i join. The fun, excitement and memories I had are priceless, it was an honor for me to work with Elie El Semaan for the second time. Hope that anyone who would join the future plays would have the same fun and experience, and hope that every school play would get bigger and bigger.

Mohammad Kawwa
Role: Riff


I would like to start by thanking the director Elie El Semaan for giving me the opportunity to be part of the play as a dancer and choreographer! Thank you for putting up with us even when we gave you a hard time.. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had. What made it more amazing is to make the school proud of each and everyone of us who worked so hard to make it a spectacular play. The cooperation among the group was one of a kind, and that was one of the main points that made the long and tiresome journey of the play an easier one. This might have been my last year, but the memories will last forever. West Side Story will always be a memory that I will cherish...

Jessica Balabanian
Role: Rosalia and Choreography


Joining the GBES school play is one of the best projects I ever took part in. This year's production was a blast, 'The West Side Story'. I've learnt so much about acting, where it gets me and also from the moral of the story. Its not always easy to find a school that equally focuses on the students' academics and on their talents too. I've also gained confidence and inspiration during this wonderful journey. Thanks to our amazing director Elie El Semaan who has a natural talent in mentoring us from students to actors to family. I believe that The West Side Story was chosen for a specific reason because it reflects on our lives today, and this helped us improve our understanding of life and how love brings the world together.
Karen Jacquin
Role: Anita


West side story had a big effect on my life. At first, acting wasn't my thing, I just got in because my friends convinced me to try out, it was my first time ever doing this and to be honest I didn't know I would become a main role, but with the help of Mr. Elie building up my confidence and believing in me ,he saw something in me that I didn't see in myself .Without his help and me trying out for the play , I wouldn't have realized my own capabilities in an area that I wouldn't have considered otherwise .My advice to everyone is try acting at least once because it is an amazing experience that you wouldn't regret. My experience in rehearsals and the play itself was something I could never forget.. It is a dream come true .It taught me so much and it made me realize that I want to keep on acting. It will always be a part of me wherever I go. One of the best experiences I've had so far.

Ahmad Jaafar
Role: Bernardo


Getting the lead role in West Side Story 2016 was my Goal. The character that i got to play this year was Toni, he really made me show people what i can do and build up my confidence in acting. Being on stage, performing in front of a big audience was a great feeling! I thought it would be a disaster at first, but having a marvelous cast bonded together made everything change. Rehearsals were such a blast, lots of good memories were held in our hearts especially when my best friend and i would get our buts kicked if we would laugh while rehearsing. From the first to the last performance, we all worked together rocking the stage each night. So a big Thank you to GBES and Elie El Semaan for giving me such a great opportunity that allows me to participate in the making of a great play, a play that will forever remain in my heart.

Ronald Maghamez
Role: Tony



TONY: Ronald Maghamez
MARIA: Shadai Nasrallah
BERNARDO: Ahmed Jaafar
ANITA: Karen Jacquin
RIFF: Muhammad Al Kawwa
CHINO: Henri Obeid
DOC: Nora Al Kawwa
ANYBODYS: Celina Issa
Mrs. Allegra Al Tabary Khoury
Miss. Hala Nassar
MRS. GRACE: Mrs. Salwa Ghali

THE JETS (American Gang)
ACTION: Fuad Khaleefeh
Big Deal: Samer Nader
A-RAB: Ochinka Dinga
BABY JOHN: Vladimir Abd El Noor
SNOWBOY: Elia Abd El Noor
DIESEL: Ralph Ghattas

American Girls
Marguerita Christo Forides
Dana Atwi
Lea Atwi
Christelle Kahale
Juliana Challita
Rana Maroon
Rawan Al Zahed

THE SHARKS (Puerto Rican Gang)
PEPE: Savio Obeid
INDIO: Anthony Antar
ANXOIUS: Jimmy Naaman
NIBBLES: Youssef Toufaha
JUANO: Paul Nikolian

Puerto Rican Girls
Jessica Balabanian
Marianne Fadel
Lynne Al Sanadiki
Maria Dagher
Ivana Samaha
Sarah Khaleefeh
Carol Kreidly
Sasha Mekdassi
Arine Nikolian

Student Coordinator
Lea Haddad

Elite Boutros
Yara Dagher
Zeina Saadeh
Hala Al Saeed
Nadia Al Saeed

Technical Assistants
Jana Ayoub
Jean Mishel Rahbany

"When You're a Jet"- Jessica Balabanian
"Dance at the Gym"- Hiba Mikhael and Mr. Nasser Barakat
"America"- Mrs. Allegra Al Tabary Khoury

Set Design
Rami Khalaf

Lights & Sound
TRC Group

Poster Design and Art Work
Marianne Schoucair

Elie El Semaan

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