On July 4, 2016, we proudly graduated our Grade 12 and grade 9 classes. We were honored to have with us Rev. Souhail Saoud as our guest speaker.

Graduation speeches were given by: Elias Abi Kheir (SE), Maya Mahroom (Grade 12 SC), Elias Al Mubayed (GS), and Sandrella Keyrooz (LS). The graduation hymn "God will make a way" was sung by Mrs. Shams Badr accompanied by Lea Haddad and Dinga Ochinka.

Graduations are very special moments. For many years we teach and care for our children and during this special night we bid them farewell. This does not mean they no longer belong to our GBES family. On the contrary, they will forever be a part of this home and we will keep them in our prayers for years and years to come.

Go and make us proud!

High Honor List

Grade 3
Jack Azar
Romy Kate Freiha
Charbel Haddad
Sarah Hanna
Elya Harb
Jiali Moussawer
Jeffery Naaman
Grace Nasrallah

Grade 4
Anthony Mansoor
Chloe Al Nacoozi
Yasmina Tawk

Grade 6
Jennifer Farhat

Grade 7
Marie Mustafa

Grade 8
Elia Abd El Noor
Bedros Kejejian
Arine Nikolian

Grade 9
Joanna Fadel
Samir Mitry
Monica Shalhoob
Carl Tamerian

Grade 10
Vladimir Abd El Noor
Jana Ayoub
Paul Nikolian

Grade 11
Sandrella Keyrooz
Maya Mahroom
Rim Koumaira


For me it's been a surreal year from counting the days until we graduate, to standing here actually graduating. It's been an incredible journey that I wouldn't change anything about. We laughed and cried; organized bake sales and paid tribute to a very dear part of our family, Mrs. Malouf. If she was among us today I know for a fact she would have been proud of the people we've become. Her life with us was cut short but will forever be remembered.
Over the past ten years, I got to know some remarkable people. Mr. Saber with his encouragement support and stern hand, Mr. François w l barsha, Mrs. Scarlet with her knowledge and words of wisdom, Mr. Hajjar, Miss Nassar, Mrs. Moussa, Mr. Melki and countless others. I got to know astounding students, especially my fellow GS classmates and friends. We made bonds that will stay with me forever. I got to know people for who they really are, and was taught lessons that cannot be erased from my mind.

However, everything must come to an end. Today it is. There is nothing more for us here. We will leave this place and start college in a few months; however the memories we made here will remain with us. I still remember the picnic we had with Mrs. Maolouf, the trip to Geita, ordering pizza with Mrs. Scarlet, eating knefe with Mr. Saber, the water fight, the play in grade 6, Cheering out loud while watching the Lion King, and sitting in detention with Mrs Aoun. The list never ends. I am who I am because of the things I experienced here. The sweat, and effort poured here will never go unremembered.
Time seems to move so quickly. Only yesterday were we still trying to grasp the idea of school, and today, well today marks the beginning of our lives. We kept nagging that school is never going to end, that we're stuck in this place forever, but now when I look at my fellow students, I can see the sorrow of leaving. No one likes change, but change is inevitable, we just have to make the most of it.

In our last week, Mrs. Scarlet asked us about our last words. At the time, I had nothing to say, but today, I finally have an answer. I don't have any final words to the people I met here because I know for a fact that the people I cherish will forever be with me. They may not be with me in flesh, but they will forever remain with me in my heart, mind and soul. I might face struggles, but I will always know I have them to rely on. I will always know they are with me to help me and guide me.

In the end, I am honored to have been a part of this place. It's incredible, from the administration, to the teachers, to the students. I can in all certainty say that when asked where I come from, I would proudly say from GBES.

Thank you.
Elias Al Moubayed


"A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected"

We at GBES enjoy celebrating the many gifts and talents, which our students have!
This year the family of our dear teacher, Mrs. Maalouf, who passed away last year, started a new annual award.

"The Darine Maalouf Award" for Initiative and Service to the school.
And the Award went to:

Vladimir Abd El Noor
Romy Freiha


I want you to allow me to take on a journey back in time (4 to 5 years back) and re-visit with me a very special room in our school. A room that best represents the spirit of our school and the success that we are celebrating today.

Dear classmates close your eyes, allow your imagination to guide you and follow me up to the second floor and to the room on the right. We have all been there.

Please, keep your eyes closed and enter the room and smell with me again the scent of old and new books; see them again how they are lined up, desperate that we pick up one of them.

But that's not why I am taking you there. Keep your eyes closed and remember with me that window at which we spent our detention time bending over and watching our friends, freely enjoying their recess, eating their mano'uche, drinking their juice, or just having an innocent fight in the playground.

Yes, our detention time was mostly watching others through the window!

With the help of your imagination I want you to re-imagine that mysterious room to the left on the second floor. At that time we thought it was so unfair: Simple mistakes sent us there as punishment. Such as being late, disturbing the lesson or forgetting a book at home. But, I am sure that none of us think of them now as simple mistakes, for now we know, as adults, that simple mistakes can lead to major consequences.

I don't know how many of you wonder why the administration thought of a library as a detention room. It could have been any other room. Detention rooms are usually in a basement section or in a small classroom with bare walls with nothing in front of you except a blackboard.

Our detention room is in the library! What a paradox! A place of learning and of punishment! A real oxymoron that represents the spirit of our school itself and its double mission: To teach us academically and spiritually. At the heart of both missions is the Freedom of choice:

Freedom of choosing to be naïve observers of the world through a window or to be mature learners giving voice to the silent books on the shelves.
Freedom of choosing the easy values of the material world of the playground or the difficult one of the Christian values of knowledge.

Year after year, that room on the left on the second floor taught us responsibility. A responsibility that we, class of 2016, have learnt and chose the latter choice: it is the books that are punished and it is up to us to free them.

And we, class of 2016, did free them by transferring their knowledge to our minds: knowledge that we are eager to give more freedom by giving it to the world.
Thank you GBES for that place which makes boys into gentlemen and girls into ladies. Thank you teachers for sending us there to make observers into learners.Thank you parents for supporting and believing in us.
In the end thanks to the lord for giving us the strength and will to study and learn.

Elias Abi Kheir

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