Paint, pencils, markers, pastels, scissors, glue, cardboards and many more items were used to ealize the fun mentioned above. Pablo Picasso, the famous artist, once said: "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls".

We, at Greater Beirut Evangelical School, love art and believe in it! Enjoy looking at our work, and wait for more to come!

Teaching at GBES was an amazing experience. Although I had a short time there, I saw a lot of talents, enthusiasm and energy among the students and teachers. I was very impressed with the students' results when giving them a task. They always exceeded my expectations and surprised me with their work. As an art teacher, I would like to tell the students that even though you might not continue your studies in arts, you will find art in everything you do. I wish every student good luck no matter what field he or she chooses to continue in! Mr. Allan Badr

No doubt, the daily life of a student at school, with all the load of studying, memorizing, concentrating and working hard, leaves the same type of dust Picasso was talking about!

But with their creativity, exploration for new techniques and eagerness for more fun, GBES students were able to take off all this dust, by producing at the end of 2015-2016, a big amount of art drawings and projects that amazed all those who attended the art fair that was held at the end of year.

They say, " Art is fun"! That is true, but art is a lot more. Art can be a therapy for a distressed kid. It can be a way of communication for a shy and introvert kid. Art can also be a way for a person to be disciplined.

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